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Supercritical water has potential influence not only on the environment but also on all sectors of the industry, and has become the object of research at home and abroad.
In Japan, the production of supercritical water requires a high pressure operation license, so only a few university research rooms or research institutes can engage in research. At present,
there is no way to achieve mass production and reach the practical stage.
In addition, previous manufacturing methods of supercritical water require high purity carbon dioxide (CO2) to generate high pressure, which means that it is impossible to make supercritical water suitable for human body.
We developed a mass production method for Ultra Super Critical Water that does not use carbon dioxide (CO2) and does not use organic material, as a patented technology.

Infinite possibilities

◆Possibility as additives and preservatives
◆Possibility as extraction solvent
◆Manufacture of herbal medicine extract
◆Environmental improvement field
◆Catalyst for research
◆Cleaning of semiconductor substrate
◆Nano-silver carrier solution
◆Removal of Various Impurities
◆Substitute for hypochlorous acid
◆Medical field
◆Cosmetic materials
◆Healthy food / supplement
◆Food industry

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