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Waterborne paint has no risk of fire, has high hygiene safety because dilution thinner is unnecessary. In general, waterborne paint has poor weather resistance and poor adhesion, and they agglomerate when emulsified. Furthermore, since the molecules of the coating material are not uniformly dispersed but are biased, it is necessary to inject additives such as a dispersing agent. And as particles become smaller, they tend to agglomerate, making dispersibility very difficult. However, we succeeded in experiments and obtained a patent based on the concept of supercriticality, making a device to enhance dispersibility. It exceeds the concept of conventional aqueous paint and has excellent features.
The technology of NanoMighty can nanolize aqueous paint and can maintain nano state. (Patent 4568792)


In general, matter is in a state of solid, liquid and gas. A supercritical fluid is any substance at a temperature and pressure above its critical point, where distinct liquid and gas phases do not exist. It can effuse through solids like a gas, and dissolve materials like a liquid. In the case of water, it is called as super critical water.

supercritical state
Water phase diagram showing the supercritical state
NanoMighty is a novel paint developed using supercritical technology.

Type of waterborne paint

Water-based acrylic
It is called acrylic resin paint. The basic component is resin and it is an acrylic paint. Because it has excellent adhesion, it is often used for housing in Japan. The price is reasonable, but its useful life is short.

Water-based urethane
The resin which is the basic component is urethane type. It has excellent adhesion and weather resistance. Since it is completely water-based finish, low odor, low pollution.

Water-based silicon
The resin which is the basic component is silicon type. It is heat resistant and durable.

Water-based acrylic and silicon
It is a paint that combines the durability of silicon and the adhesion of acrylic.

Although NanoMighty is an aqueous acrylic type, it’s durability and weatherability equals to or higher than that of the aqueous silicon type.

Advantage of NanoMighty

Almost no odor
Dries faster than conventional paint
High adhesion
Excellent stretchability
Can be painted on any material

Heat resistance Stretchability

Amazing high performance of NanoMighty

VOC (volatile organic compounds), formaldehyde and other toxic gases do not occur.
Almost completely odorless.JIS K 5400 by JRMA
*JRMA is Japan Railway Rolling Stock & Machinery Association.
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Weather resistance up to 10-15 years.
The result of sunshine test over 5000 hours is "No abnormality".
Certification number is A1-316 , by Research Institute of Kinki Sharyo Co.,Ltd.
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Quick drying
In an environment of 20℃ in the room, it takes about 10 minutes to confirm drying by hand.
JIS K 5400 by JRMA.

There are adhesions to various coated materials without undercoating (primer).
JIS K 5400 by JRMA.

Strength of coating
Form a tough coating film with a hardness of 6H.
Certification numbers are A9-324 and A9-324-2 by Research Institute of Kinki Sharyo Co.,Ltd.

Flammability is not confirmed even if the water disappears.
Saturated steam temperature is 180℃, no blistering or burning occurs.
Certification numbers are 4-310K, 5-240K, 5-418K, 5-445K by JRMA.

Low contamination property
Dirt falls by washing.
JIS K 5400 by JRMA.

Mildew resistance
Because particles are small, it is difficult to make mold cause.
JIS K 5400 by JRMA.

Rust prevention
Particles are fine and paint also forms a film, so it is difficult to oxidize.
Certification number is A1-316, by Research Institute of Kinki Sharyo Co.,Ltd.

Can withstand neutral salt spray
Peeling is not recognized.
Certification number is A1-316, by Research Institute of Kinki Sharyo Co.,Ltd.

Products List

P series

NM-P100 Primer clear light For high penetrating material.
NM-P300 Primer (with color)

T series

NM-T500 Top clear hard (Glossy) For pottery tiles.
NM-T600 Top color hard (Glossy) With color when Top clear paint is used as upcoat.
NM-T700 Top pest prevention Spider web is difficult to attach.
NM-T900 Top water-repellent & waterproof For wood and concrete.

Waterproof material for floor

NM-BM1 Undercoat Strong adhesion as floor primer.
NM-BM2 Intermediate coat Floor main agent.
NM-BM3 Upcoat Top coat for floor, with the same color of BM2.

Special paint series

NM-G1 Insulating paint series Insulation effect can be obtained.
NM-G2 Heat resistant paint Realize 600℃ of heat resistance. Rust prevention of casting, Iron valve etc.
NM-G3 Thermal barrier paint Not only thermal insulation but also anti-fouling and waterproof function.

High top wax(Stain resistance)

NM-H Enhanced function to prevent dirt. For Home entrance groove, for car door groove rubber.
   Can also be used as a car window wax to prevent freezing of glass.

Principle of NanoMighty

Particle size distribution of Commercial general paint
(Scattering type particle size distribution measuring device)

Since particle size is big, contact point is small, adhesion is weak and deterioration is fast.
NanoMighty is born when commercial general paint is processed with our company's technology.

Particle size distribution of NanoMighty
(Scattering type particle size distribution measuring device)

Since particle size is small, there are many contact points, strong adhesive force and slow deterioration.

Common paint molecules -> Coating material surface

Comparison of durability with general aqueous paint

Synthetic resin 1-3 years
Acrylic resin 3-5 years
Polyurethane 3-10 years
Silicon 10-15 years
Fluorine 15-20 years

By secondary processing technique, the durability of acrylic resin equals to or higher than that of the aqueous silicon type.

Test Data

JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards)

Test Item Representative value Test condition
Alkali resistance No abnormality JIS A 6909
Washing resistance No abnormality JIS A 6909
Low temperature stability No abnormality JIS A 6910
Crack resistance No abnormality JIS A 6910
Adhesion strength Passed JIS A 6910
Permeability to water Passed JIS A 6910
Impact resistance No abnormality JIS A 6910
Weatherability No abnormality JIS A 6910
Elongation Passed JIS A 6910
Degradation during extension No abnormality JIS A 6910
Fatigue resistance No abnormality JIS A 1436
Viscosity (cPs) 1,000 BH type viscometer, 25℃, 2-rotor, rpm10
Specific gravity 1.10
Abrasion resistance test Passed JIS K 7204
Fatigue resistance test Passed JIS A 1436
Spark (fire) test Passed JIS A 1312

JIS 6021(Roof coating film waterproof material)
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Insulation and strong against sun and heat

NanoMight is excellent in heat resistance. As it approaches fire, it will carbonize, but it will not burn easily. Despite the ultra-thin waterproof layer, it is resistant to fire and heat,so it is particularly ideal as a waterproof material for floors and roofs.
Since NanoMightt also has high insulation (with a coating of 2 mm, can withstand 12000 volts) performance, it is used as a roof waterproof material for railway vehicles.

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