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For ships and vehicles

It can be used for waterproofing deck of ship, hold, water tank. Sufficient effect for harsh conditions is obtained.
Please refer to the test data of JRMA (Japan Railway Rolling Stock & Machinery Association.) and Research Institute of Kinki Sharyo Co.,Ltd.
*Tokyo Metro (Subway) Using NM-BM2 / NM-BM2 / NM-BM3

Rust preventive waterproof paint

Primer can be painted even from above rust. There is no recurrence of rust at the painted place.
Construction example (Factory in Okinawa ) Using NM-P400 / NM-T600

Water repellent waterproof paint

Can be applied to old and new concrete, surface treated concrete, all concrete. When it is painted more than once, the functionality increases.
Construction example (Mansion in Tokyo) Using NM-H

Floor waterproof material paint

Apply as undiluted solution to a substrate without water absorption.
Dilute on a water-absorbent base.
Construction example (Our factory in Komagane) Undercoat using NM-BM1 / Using NM-T600 (Top Color hard with color)

Concrete panel waterproof paint

By painting waterproof paint on concrete panel (plywood), since water is not included, waterproofness improves and wood lasts longer.
Construction example (General house) Using NM-BM1 / NM-BM2 / NM-BM3

Suppressed mortar at apartment rooftop

Although paint is easy to peel off on ordinary mortar, NanoMighty has impregnating ability, so it is difficult to peel off.
Construction example (Mansion) Using NM-P100 / NM-T1000

Wave slate waterproof paint (asbestos)

Applying paint after coating the base material, mold does not occur, waterproofness improves and slate lasts longer.
Construction example (Tokyo) Used NM-P100 / NM-T600 Silver

Waterproof anti-rusting paint on tile roof

It is a paint that can be painted even from above rust.
There is sufficient efficacy against the iron base layer.
Construction example (Factory in Kanagawa) Using NM-P200 / NM-T600 Silver

Waterproof paint inside other factory

Begin repair work of concrete cracks and holes with primer, finish with top coat. Construction example (Nagano) Using NM-P100 / NM-T600 Color Hard
Can wipe away the traces of forklift tires.

Suitable for bridge surface

It can suppress the rust of the iron plate on the bridge.
It is excellent in heat resistance, high adhesion, high stretchability.
It can maintain asphalt even if pressure is applied with a drawing roller.
Construction example (Kawato bridge of Tsurumi River, in Yokohama)
Using NM-P400 / NM-BM1 / BM2 / BM3

Water repellent and waterproof for telegraph pole

It is a test to paint a part of telephone pole and to dry it over 5 years.
Even after five years have passed, it was confirmed that not penetrate by playing water.
Construction example (Nagoya) Using NM-H

Insulation test

It has insulation and water resistance in a highly transparent emulsion.
After painting on the LED signal base board,1 week passed, put in water tank.
It was confirmed that LED operates normally.
Used NM-H

Antifungal and waterproof for wood

When painting on hinoki cypress or/and trees which is often used for hot springs, there is no suppression of the scent of the tree, since it is pure water-based paint.
Construction example (Hot spring hotel in Nagano) Using NM-T900

Immersion test

Permeation begins in less than 1 minute
After 40 minutes, The water completely penetrated.
Penetration can not be confirmed.

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